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Violences psychiques
et ou physiques

Succeeding in lodging a complaint and going to court


Physical or psychological, violence takes many forms and reacting requires both real awareness of the danger for yourself and often for those around you. Talking about it is already the first step in breaking out of a destructive cycle of silence, guilt, isolation and personal stagnation. The victim is not to blame for what they endure, but is responsible for their decision not to act. When you have decided to get out of this, the challenge will be finding the right legal and support partners to help you navigate this tunnel that will lead you to freedom and a new life.

Filing Complaint

Supporting you before and after the complaint

Filing a complaint is a new ordeal when you have suffered violence. It is a difficult choice and one that requires reflection, beyond the legal criteria. Going directly to the gendarmerie or the police station, contacting a lawyer who will prepare and file your complaint for you or write to the public prosecutor to relate the facts sometimes seems insurmountable.

Separation & divorces

Current or upcoming procedure


Any separation is a test. When legal proceedings are in progress or are about to be launched, and the emotional content of the conflict is mixed with the complexity of being confronted with the judge in family matters, with a division of property before a notary and with legal procedures. visit and accommodation, stress can cripple you. To cope in your personal life, with your children or in your obligations, having support allows you to take the leap and prepare for the future you want, with efficiency and dynamism.

Current or upcoming procedure

During separation or when a new event occurs, the arrangements for looking after children are a major source of stress in the face of sometimes exacerbated tensions. Beyond the organization itself, it is important to regain control over yourself so that you don’t let yourself sink or can manage your emotions and feelings. To preserve your children, preserving yourself is the first step and getting help.