Agnès de Reulle


Master Practitioner and NLP Coach certified by the SNLP and Doctor Richard Bandler, co-founder of the NLP, to help you free yourself from domestic and family violence and to win in the face of the stress of legal proceedings.


Why get help

Under the weight of fear, anger, discouragement, fatigue, and unforeseen events, you can lose a considerable amount of reaction time in your life. Let go or continue, these decisions have long term repercussions.
Don’t let this violence cause you to fail!


Win 10 years

To help you effectively on the legal front, your lawyer needs to know exactly what you really want, how far you want to go, and your help in getting them the necessary elements for your case.
I help you not to let yourself be drowned in this judicial flood by your emotions, your anger and your pain. To be able to compartmentalize, which is fundamental to move forward.


Focus on the essentials

You, your children, your career!

I support you during your procedure to move forward with strength and confidence, to face the reading of hurtful conclusions, to dare to seek testimony, to prepare for hearings, to move step by step until the end of your procedure, until the end of your procedure. at the start of the new stage of liberation in your life and the conquest or regain of your happiness.


« The judiciary and the cumbersome nature of your cases put undue pressure on your shoulders. »

Tailor-made support

In order not to let yourself be overwhelmed to the point of no return of burn-out or loss of meaning, of a feeling of injustice and crushing, I suggest that you accompany you in complete confidentiality on the strategies to be implemented. in place to find a personal and professional balance.

My training, my expertiences

  • Master Practitioner NLP / NLP Certified and trained in the United States by Richard Bandler & the SNLP
  • PNL / NLP Coach Richard BANDLER SNLP
  • PNL / NLP Trainer Certified and trained in the United States by Richard Bandler & the SNLP
  • Master in Law, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Masters in Modern Letters, Bordeaux Montaigne University
  • Law degree, Montesquieu Bordeaux University
  • Buzan Mind Mapping certified trainer / Buzan Licensed Instructor Mind Mapping
  • Buzan Licensed Practitioner Speed ​​Reading
  • Buzan Licensed Practitioner Memory Techniques practitioner

Mes domaines d’expertise




Dépôt de plainte


Séparation - Divorce


Garde d'enfants

Take the first step to get the last life you want and deserve !

Treat yourself to 1 hour of coaching, and years of struggle will come to an end.

You have the power to decide to be among the people who have taken action and who will have no regrets in the future.