4 steps to breaking up with a narcissistic pervert during confinement

How then to break with a narcissistic pervert during the containment of COVID-19? Sometimes leaving a narcissistic pervert manipulator is not an option. It is not easy to leave your narcissistic partner for many reasons such as the economy, the children, the commitment or dare I say love. But know that confinement is an opportunity given to you to break this toxic relationship pattern and get out of this hellish spiral.

Here are 4 steps to breaking up with a narcissistic pervert while in confinement: 

1 – Communicate with your PN your wish to end the relationship

The first key is to be clear, that is to say to tell her quite simply that you want to end this relationship, but without being aggressive and even wishing her all the best. 

And being really firm on the fact that for you, it’s over. 

So the line of action is: I really have decided to end this relationship and to continue this discourse on a loop.

2 – End the relationship by taking action 

The second key once you’ve made it clear to him that you want to break up is to take action on your own – that is, you can block him on your phone and social media.

3 – Communicate with those around you

The third key is to explain to your friends and those close to you that you have to decide to break up with this person, without necessarily giving an explanation but especially by saying that you do not want to talk about it. Because stirring up what he told you, what you told him, how your meeting went, the promises that weren’t kept, your hopes, your suffering, all of this is actually going update all these difficulties. The point is to use this silence to your advantage.

If you feel that you are going to crack, knowing that it is not good for you, this may be the time to take a coaching with me to really start again on other bases and that we build a strategy together. which will really help you to disengage yourself from these toxic relationship patterns, to open you towards much healthier and more fulfilling relationships and therefore a real romantic encounter which will bring you happiness.

4 – take the time to rebuild yourself

The fourth key is really to focus on yourself to take advantage of this silence to make contacts with other people sometimes that you may have lost sight of because time flies and often a relationship with a narcissistic pervert you isolates from other people. So now is the right time to reconnect or even discuss topics that interest you on the forums, to watch series movies and to focus on your professional career and your financial independence. See what can pull you forward and lead you to build the life of your dreams!

I myself am a former victim of sexual, physical and psychological violence. Even though, like everyone else, life comes with challenges to manage every day, today I am happy to wake up in the morning! I’ve made videos on my YouTube channel to help you better understand how to regain self-confidence after being the victim of a toxic relationship and rebuild the life of your dreams.

If you are currently in this situation, I invite you to join the Support Group for Victims of Domestic and Family Violence on Facebook.

Agnès de Reulle

Coach, Expert in liberation from domestic and family violence & in controlling the stress of legal proceedings
Article written for Positive Words.