How to counter the legal blockage of narcissistic or violent perverse manipulator

How to manage when you are in a process of separation, but confronted with legal and economic interests?

  1. Do not let yourself be tied up by an emotional situation, get a professional accompaniment for legal and strategic advice.

You can indeed consult a lawyer in criminal, family, tax or corporate law, but also a notary or a bailiff, to advise you on how to resolve the situation.

In terms of emotional strategy, I am also here to support you, to help you find the elements that legal professionals will need to defend your interests on a legal level.

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  1. Keep in mind this is a limited time in your life.

As a former victim, I myself had to deal with legal proceedings which lasted 6 years. 6 years while I put part of my life on hold, mobilized all my resources and my knowledge to be able to get through this difficult period. I have capitalized on personal experience of this stress and I really care about monopolization to help you save time and solve your problems. Justice at its own pace, however, it is possible to see how to manage it all to your advantage, to create something different and move towards a career, a change of job, or even training.

Personally, after this experience I was keen to better understand the system and I therefore completed a master’s degree in private law. Interested in the emotional support around all of this, and in how to go fast, I went to the United States as a former student with Richard Brandler, his team, as well as with Alexandre Cormont, an expert in his field. I am also in regular contact with other experts such as Jessica Pirbay, sex therapist and Brenda Boukris, an expert in seduction. I am committed to using the best information and training to support you through my training and coaching.

  1. Don’t put your personal life on hold.

When you are in front of a manipulative narcissistic pervert, a violent person, their goal is to get revenge by blocking you in your business, in your personal life. Even though it is difficult, you have to stay focused on the fact that you have the right to meet other people, to build a new relationship. You have the right to family and sentimental happiness, naturally taking your time and building your own balance.

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Legal blocking a narcissist can be difficult, but with strength, determination, and rationality on your side, you can do it. Once you are out of this relationship, you will see how much better it is to be free.

Agnès de Reulle

Coach, Expert in liberation from domestic and family violence & in controlling the stress of legal proceedings
Article written for Positive Words.