How to overcome domestic violence

How do I know if I am a victim of domestic violence? What are the best tips for overcoming domestic violence? How to take back control of your life?

No matter what your life situation is, you don’t deserve to be psychologically and physically assaulted by someone. Often times, violent people have a manipulative side and that makes it all the more difficult to deal with the waves of emotions you are feeling and to let go of this heavy burden.

To better understand domestic violence, know that it can take many forms. You can be a victim of it at all ages and it affects all social, cultural and professional backgrounds.

We can all be victims of it and that is why it is important to learn to overcome this difficult test in your life. Plus, even if you yourself are never a victim of it, you might one day be able to help someone in this difficult situation and change their life with the tips and advice in this article. I invite you to take some notes while reading.

The best way to overcome domestic violence.

Whatever the circumstances and manifestations of this violence, you need to prepare a plan to end this situation and find help quickly.

Protect yourself. Your only goal when you realize you are a victim is to take action now to ensure your immediate safety. The faster you act, the faster you will allow yourself to recover. Do not wait and act …

If you feel that you are in danger, leave as soon as possible the place where you join a place where you will be safe (with relatives for example). If you can’t get out, don’t hesitate to call the police.

And above all, see a doctor for help if you are physically or psychologically injured. It is especially fundamental to have your injuries noted when you have any that are visible, which will allow you to have material elements from the police.

Then approach a center helping victims of domestic violence for immediate help.

Prepare a plan. Find a way to end your relationship. It’s not normal to stay in a toxic relationship with someone who is abusive. It is true that it can often be difficult to leave an abusive relationship. Whether it is because of religion, children, money, family, etc. Yet it is the one and only way to take back control of your life.

« When violence takes hold in a couple, living together is no longer possible; everything else is tinkering and lying to yourself. Divorce, then, is the only solution. « – Tahar Ben Jelloun

Emotionally Heal (Life After Spousal Abuse.) You kind of have to relearn how to live a fulfilling life after being a victim of domestic violence. Indeed, after a relationship with a person with violent behavior, it is possible that you have psychological consequences and sometimes, they can even be unconscious. Life after domestic violence can then be very difficult for some people.

So it is more than necessary to do a great job on yourself. You are valuable, so stop believing everything your abuser has told you. Your happiness is most important. Now focus on yourself and live your life. Connect with positive people you love to live a better life. You have the right to happiness, never forget it.

If you want to know more, in the video below I share 3 powerful tips for learning to overcome domestic violence.

Do you need help getting out of domestic violence? I offer you a first interview with me free of charge and in complete confidentiality.

Agnès de Reulle

Coach, Expert in liberation from domestic and family violence & in controlling the stress of legal proceedings
Article written for Positive Words.