How to protect yourself from a narcissistic pervert during confinement

How do you protect yourself from a narcissistic pervert during confinement? What are the best tips to unmask it and end this hold? How to face a manipulator in confinement with you? What if he gets violent with you?

The period of confinement is a unique opportunity to unmask the narcissistic pervert. Did you know that many couples in China have divorced after confinement? At this time, several organizations that help women victims of violence fear an increase in psychological or physical domestic violence in the coming weeks.

Stressful situations have been increasing over the past week, which can lead to tense and violent situations. COVID-19 is, in a way, “cleaning up” in relationships that are not meant to be together.

There are many reasons for this, confinement can allow you to truly discover your partner’s true personality, test their patience, find out if they are cheating on you, etc. This is a good sign, because it puts people back on the right track. So what to do with a narcissistic pervert?

As you know, we are living in a rather special time when we are forced to stay at home. The narcissistic pervert is not used to this change, to the loss of control over his daily life, and this is the only time to take advantage of his weakness to unmask and end this unhealthy hold.

What you need to apply to protect yourself from a narcissistic pervert while in confinement.

Realize the problem. I think the hardest part about dealing with this toxic person is recognizing that you are living with someone who doesn’t love you. The narcissistic pervert has the gift of making people believe false promises and even unhealthy jealousy.

The most important thing is to understand that your interlocutor WILL NOT CHANGE, EVER. You can NEVER get any awareness, remorse, regret, apology from him. If by any chance his speech leads you to believe it, it is because he is manipulating you. The only thing you can do is PROTECT YOURSELF.

Confinement allows you to take the time to think that you are not at all fulfilled with this person. By the time you realize this, you will have to accept it and also agree to leave it now or after the quarantine period. Which leads us to the next step …

The containment plan to destroy it. First, the goal is not to destroy his personality, but to protect you from his unhealthy hold on you. That is, the bond that forces you to attach yourself to him … Your objective is to leave or to make him leave after the period of confinement. Indeed, what we are currently experiencing is the ideal time to study and make your analysis of this person hurts you on a daily basis (psychologically or physically).

What are its strategies? What are his manipulation techniques? Learn to study their body language as well. Take this opportunity to take stock and prepare a post-containment escape plan. We must act in a way that makes him understand that everything is over. Each person under the influence will experience this situation differently with the NP.

Life after confinement. There will be an « after COVID-19 », that moment when you are released from the narcissistic pervert. You should know that the confinement will make him crazy and especially powerless. Your mission will be to go through the containment step procedure and experience it your way with the NP using an action plan to escape its grip.

You can go see all the specialists in the world to try to get out of this toxic relationship, but it really is up to you to actually get out of it. So, it only depends on you to survive the period of confinement with the narcissistic pervert.

Do not look at this event as a difficult time to live with the narcissistic pervert. On the contrary, see it as an opportunity to deal with it more easily. After confinement, you can rebuild your self-esteem. Then, you will have enough time to prepare a plan to face the narcissistic pervert while in confinement.

Narcissistic pervert and domestic violence in crisis situations

It is possible that this person is violent in nature, so it may be more difficult to deal with this person. For this reason, I recommend that you call on a coach who is expert in the release of domestic and family violence. In this video below, Agnès de Reulle, a former victim of sexual, physical and psychological violence, shares with you her best tips for surviving confinement with a violent man.

Agnès also offers her help to get you out of domestic violence in a free and confidential first interview. Believe me, it feels good to speak with someone who understands your deep wounds. Talking feels good!

You can also join Agnès’ new Facebook group: Support group for victims of domestic and family violence.

With that, take good care of yourself, especially in these difficult times. Never forget that you are the most important person in your life. You deserve love and happiness every day. I wish you the best !

Agnès de Reulle

Coach, Expert in liberation from domestic and family violence & in controlling the stress of legal proceedings
Article written for Positive Words.